Coffee grind size

Freshly ground coffee can completely change your perspective on what good coffee really is.

Why coffee grind is so important?

  • If your grounds are too coarse, coffee is under-extracted. This is when coffee tastes sour, acidic, salty & lacking sweetness, try to grind finer to balance the intense flavors.
  • Over extracted will be hollow & bitter, this is when you have extracted too much flavor out of your coffee. The easiest way is to adjust your grind setting – this time you’ll make it coarser to extract less from your coffee.
  • A good cup of coffee should have a balance between flavor of sweetness and acidity with pleasant bitterness but never dominates the cup. It's should feel rich & smooth when you drink it.

Here is a good starting point for every brew method. 


Extra fine / Turkish coffee /  In texture, it's similar to flour & sugar powder.


Fine / Espresso, Stovetop espresso, Moka pot / It's finer than table salt.  


Medium Fine Single-cup brewers / Aeropress & Hario V60  / Can be compared to something similar to table salt.


Medium  / Flat drip, Pour over, Drip machine & Siphon / Similar to regular sand. 


Medium Coarse / Chemex & Clever dripper / Similar to something like rough sand.


Coarse / French Press / Can be compared to sea salt.


Extra Coarse Cold Brew / Similar of ground peppercorns.