Four Hundred (MG)  

Swiss based electric specialty coffee roastery with a strive for quality and sustainability. Reducing carbon footprint with every coffee we tailor. Our focus is carefully sourced Speciality coffee that's developed to express its true natural characteristics working hand-in-hand with our client's feedback and our yearly gained experience. We roast our coffee daily, to make sure you get the freshest and tastiest coffee. At Four Hundred (MG) , you can find a selection of unique blends and single origin coffees for both espresso and filter preparation. We always strive to improve and grow our range of products with a focus on quality.

The world is moving forward, and so do we

We care about the quality of the coffee we deliver to our customers while creating sustainable and more environmentally friendly products using the latest technology advancements. Fully electric coffee roasting facility. 90% less carbon emissions. 

Our Coffee is Roasted on Stronghold S9X

The most advanced, modern and environment-friendly coffee roaster in the world Stronghold S9X. 100% Electric with the world's first and only triple heat system, which utilizes convective, radiant and conductive heat to achieve optimal roasting results. This unique approach ensures that every bean is evenly and efficiently roasted, resulting in a consistent and high-quality product.
We are fortunate to be the first in Switzerland to represent the Stronghold model S9X.

Oskar - Founder 

My greatest inspiration has come from traveling around the world, getting to know different cultures and the people who represent them. I have lived in different parts of the world, but I have found my home in Switzerland, which is one of the most beautiful places. I have always supported an active lifestyle and healthy habits play a very important role in my daily life. Coffee was always essential in my daily routine, that’s why it was the natural desire to explore its composition. There are many beneficial compounds found naturally in coffee and caffeine is a major pharmacologically active compound. A typical cup of coffee provides approximately 75–100mg caffeine. This chemical is an all-natural stimulant. This is the main story behind our brand - “Four Hundred (MG)” is the recommended daily dose of caffeine per person, which is also calculated in 4 cups of coffee.

Arthur - Co Founder

For the past 15 years I’ve been sharpening my skills in fields such as specialty coffee, marketing and creative industries which have led me to Four Hundred (MG) coffee. I really think that a good coffee should be accessible to anyone while keeping processes truthful and consistent. Being a sports enthusiast myself I believe that speciality coffee shares similar principles of healthy work ethic against yourself which leads to building a stronger community.
With the “Four Hundred (MG)” We want to share our experience and stories that can best be enjoyed with a cup of freshly roasted and brewed coffee. We look forward to seeing you soon and taking care of your daily dose of Four Hundred (MG).