Resiti- Ethiopia - Washed Heirloom - Espresso

SFr. 14.50
Whole Bean:


Flavor: Orange zest, dark chocolate & black tea
Cupping score: 87.5
Origin: Ethiopia 
Region: Yirgacheffe
Producer: Ato Dukale
Varietal: Heirloom
Process: Washed
Altitude: 1950 - 2200 MASL
Roasted for: Espresso - Light I Medium roast



Chelbessa coffee is coming from Gedeo Zone. Chelbessa coffee has nice aromas and comes from a beautiful natural environment in the Yirgacheffe appellation.

The Yirgacheffe appellation covers a limited area. It is characterized by low production volumes but high perceived quality. Yirgacheffe is the name of a town with a population of several tens of thousands. The production areas are Yirgacheffe, Kochéré, Wenago, and Gelena Abaya.