Nazimu Abamecha - Ethiopia- Natural Heirloom

SFr. 17
Whole Bean:

Flavor: Peach, cherry, milky & sweet honey
Cupping score: 88
Origin: Ethiopia 
Region: Jimma
Producer: Nazimu Abamecha
Varietal: Heirloom
Process: Natural
Altitude: 2010 MASL
Roasted for: Filter - Light roast



Nazimu Abamecha produces this Forest coffee in the Jimma appellation. Nazimu inherited this 8,5-hectare farm from his family and cultivated coffee in a rich and natural environment of native tree species.
Nazimu has long been in the coffee trade, as he founded and worked at the Duromina cooperative for eight years. Most recently, he has chosen to continue his path independently, managing his own farm to improve the traceability of his coffee and focus on high-end quality micro-lots.