Bombe - Ethiopia - Anaerobic Natural Heirloom

SFr. 23.50
Whole Bean:


Flavor: Sweet pineapple, pine syrup & candy
Cupping score: 91
Origin: Ethiopia 
Region: Sidama
Producer: DWD I Mr Dukale 
Varietal: Heirloom
Process: Anaerobic Natural
Altitude: 1950 MASL
Roasted for: Filter - Light roast



This micro lot from Sidama region is prepared by DWD, at its station in Bombe village. This coffee is done following anaerobic fermentation. Cherries are produced at 2000 m., within a lovely environment. This micro lot reveals the flavors of Sidama profiles, flavors which done the excellent reputation of this appellation.

DWD is managing different stations in Sidama region. The one where Bombe coffee comes from is located in a small village, logically called Bombe, located at 1950 m. This station is named Wax General Trading. Here, DWD is able to prepare washed and natural coffees, as well as some lots, done by anaerobic fermentation.