Origami Dripper / Medium

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Origami Pour-Over M

The ORIGAMI dripper is designed by the founder of Trunk coffee and Origami Japan inspired by origami ( traditional coloured paper folding ) 

The ribs (grooves) of the 20 drippers create a space between the dripper and the paper, making it easier for hot water to drain and expressing a variety of extractions. Speed control is also free.  The great feature of ORIGAMI Dripper is its flexibility. It is even compatible with both the HARIO V60 filter and Kalita Wave filter, and that itself gives you great freedom to express a wide range of flavours.

You can apply our standard recipe for HARIO V60 or Kalita Wave's recipe.

NOTE: This product DOES NOT come with a wooden holder. Please purchase a wooden holder separately  Origami dripper holder

Origami Filters M